Chairman's Judges Packet

The key to success at a competition is creating a functional and effective judges packet. Judges packets are created by teams to take to regionals, and they contain information that teams want to share with judges. It is a good idea to produce hard copies of information to give to judges so they can refer back to them later. Although it does not have to be a packet, packets contain multiple documents and the more information the better. Handouts are valuable at regionals because it is hard to share all the facts on your team in a short period time during an interview.

Chairman's Judges Packet Guide

Letter Writing Campaign

For the past six years, FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Founder Dean Kamen has put heavy emphasis on getting more of the public involved in the program. Team 1987, The Broncobots, has spent five seasons and used over 1,500 envelopes and stamps sending letters to friends, family, newspaper editors, school board members, and government officials in an attempt to bring more publicity to the program and its goals. Team 1987 has put together this guide to letter writing to help other FIRST teams reach out to a large spectrum of people.

Letter Writing Campaign Guide

Flat Creation Campaign

In the 2009 season, Team 1987, The Broncobots, started a new campaign called Flat Mammoth. Based on the classic story of Flat Stanley, Flat Mammoth made its way around the country (and the world!) in one plain envelope, accompanied by the spirit of FIRST. Team 1987 has put together this guide to show how to start your own Flat Creation campaign.

Flat Creation Campaign Guide 

First Aid Kit

Safety is a very important part of any FIRST robotics team, whether it be during the off-season, build season, or in the pits. Making sure to have all the necessary items in your teams First Aid Kit is crucial.

First Aid Kit Guide