2012 Season - Week 4

Animation started experimenting with lighting in this year’s animation. The programmers started working on the smart dashboard, making a customizable dashboard instead of the default one provided by FIRST. Along with the dashboard the programmers researched on how to use the plethora of sensors that we have at our disposal. The CAD team finalized the chassis of the robot along with the shooter. Electronics team finished the final electronics board to be used in competition. Build team constructed the base for the shooter. The shooter is extremely important; it’s the main way to score and a key part of the robot. The community outreach team started making Valentine’s Day cards for the elderly. Also a food drive of peanut butter and jelly was started for Lee’s Summit Social Services.


Students makes valentines cards.

Programmers converse with Coach Ms. Griffith as to what to do with the camera tracking system.

CAD team creates digital robot parts.

Build team works on mock-up of robot shooter.

Animation captain, Adam S., works on lighting and camera positions.

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